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(Proposal) Acquiring Size, Speed, And Skill

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This is exactly the kind of team LA won with. And we could win with it too.


Trade 1)

To Vancouver: Patrick Kane

To Chicago: Roberto Luongo + Mason Raymond + Keth Ballard + Anton Rodin + Kevin Connauton

Trade 2)

To Vancouver: 2012 2nd round pick (34th overall)

To NY Islanders: Manny Malhotra

Trade 3)

To Vancouver: 2012 1st round pick (28th overall)

To NY Rangers: David Booth

At the draft: (from Craig Button's list)

26th: Mikhail Grigorenko (projection: 20th)

28th: Henrik Samuelsson (projection: 29th)

34th: Dalton Thrower


Zach Parise: 7 years @ $49 million = $7 million per

Dustin Penner: 2 years @ $7 million = $3.5 million

Cody Franson: 2 years @ $7 million = $3.5 million per (2nd round compensation) or Bryan Allen for 1 year @ $3.5 million

Alexei Ponikarovsky: 1 year @ $1.35 million

Jason Garrison: 4 years @ $16 million = $4 million per

Paul Gaustad: 1 year @ $2.5 million

Canucks 2012-13 line up:

Parise - Kesler - P. Kane = $18.3 million

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows = $14.2 million

Ponikarovsky - Gaustad - Penner = $7.35 million

Higgins - Lapierre - Hansen = $4.2 million

Edler - Garrison = $7.25 million

Hamhuis - Bieksa = $9.1 million

Tanev - Allen/Franson = $4.4 million



= $4.4 million

Total cap: $69,200,000/$70,300,000


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History and pride probably doesn't allow any dealings between Chicago and Vancouver, let alone a huge deal like that.

Parise stays in the states.

Mikael Grigorenko at 26th? Really?

Dustin Penner just won a cup. I don't think he made that much of a difference but none the less he's got two of them now. A team may offer him more.

Manny won't get a second round pick.

David Booth in a package deal could get us more for now rather than future.

Don't know enough about Franson or Ponikarovsky to give an opinion.

I do like the Gaustad deal.

Garrison has had one good season; not great but good, yet I see a lot of CDCers salivating over this guy. I don't get it. Could be another Kieth Ballard.

Sorry, over all thumbs down from me.

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overpayment for Kane underpayment for booth we arnt gonan get parise we arnt penner sucked everywhere exept the playoffs we dont need poni the only realistic thing about that is B.Allen for 3.5mil (which im sure he would gladly accept being that its overpayment) and garrison for 4mil which is lso overpayment so im sure he would glady accept. overall OVER PAYED AND UNREALISTIC.

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First off why would Chicago take on Ballard's contract when they jut signed Oduya.In what world is Malhotra worth a 34th overall pick. For the last time the canucks are not getting Parise, and how the hell does Grigerenko go 26th? :picard:

Your proposals used to be bad... now they're flat out ridiculous.

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