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Intro: Following the 2011-12 hockey season, commissioner Gary Betmann was removed from his post after years of incompetence. With the league also up for a new CBA, it was a time of change. In an unforeseen move, the NHL Board of Governor’s hired a university student to run the league. What was born was the CHL, the Capitalist Hockey League

The league was radically changed, the salary cap is gone as well as the entry draft and replaced with a money based system of business similar to European football. Each team is given a budget to operate with for the season, still hunting for the Stanley Cup. Now teams must become familiar with agents even more so than in the Bettmann Era as they are the only way of signing new players.

Sims will be run using NHL 12 by gmen81


All 30 NHL clubs will continue to fight for the Stanley Cup, and start off with 85 million dollars to operate with. Starting team rosters will deduct from that amount, the rest is used to acquire players and can be put into trades or given to agents in a free agent deal. To apply to be a GM, send in an application to the commissioner, canucklax.

Example application: experience in cdc leagues, 3 teams in order of preference, simple reason why to hire you

I'm not looking for too many drama queens in the league, if you're know for drama, you're chance of being a part of the league will be lowered


medium.pngMr. Quacks


medium.pngTi'gol Bitties




medium.png *VaNcOuVerCaNuCkS*




medium.png Niloc009


medium.png Mrmccheetoh

medium.png Ovech Trick


medium.png D.Doughty

medium.png Jaku




medium.png Umadbro?


medium.png Chimon

medium.png susraiders

medium.png Krispy Kreme

medium.png allkill326

medium.png A1 Canuck

medium.png Alex Galchenyuk

medium.png Disaronno


Commisioner: canucklax

Sim guy:gmen81

Standings SS https://docs.google....ppLTdSdXc#gid=0

Stats SS https://docs.google....Ca3RzNGc#gid=29

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Agents are the middlemen between players and teams. Some may be out to "stock" one team, some may be out to make their own fortune and possibly buy a team themselves, every agent is different.

New agents start at a one star rating, reflecting their connections to the hockey world and experience. All agents start out with 5 million dollars to scout players and sign them. Cash is earned by negotiating sales to teams. A sale involves an agent fee as well as a contract, the NHL club pays for both. To improve their rating they must spend the money they earn to gain access to better players.

Players given to agents will be a mix of free agents, prospects, and created players.

Agents must send in an application too, similar to the gm one, tell me your experience, why you want to join the league, maybe what your plan would be

Agents doc: https://docs.google....ZFE&pli=1#gid=0

every agent can customize their page as they see fit, cash flow and players under a "representative contract" are the only musts for now

Current Agents:

BananaMash 3 stars

By Crom! 4 stars

Ryan Murray 3 stars

swedishdomination 1 star

Agents must pm me in order to scout

Upgrade system

Agent Upgrade System

1 star Starter level, no bonuses given

2 stars costs $5,000,000. Can spend an extra $250,000 on a scouting trip to get results quicker. Access to better players

3 stars costs 7,500,000. Can start an agency (have other scouts work under you and you make a cut of the sale). Access to even better players

4 stars costs $12,000,000. Can spend money to train players [will be explained later]. Access to all but the elite of players

5 stars costs 20,000,000. Access to the cream of the crop

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Rules/ Example transactions


The league reserves the right to penalize any agent or general manager if they are acting in a way unbecoming of the league, with no limit on the severity of the penalty.

As mentioned in the OP, simming is done by Alex Galchenyuk using NHL 12

The trade tracker is Agent P

Example Transactions


To Boston: Rick Nash

To Columbus: Dougie Hamilton, $5,000,000, Jared Knight


Agent Scott boras scouts Canada, $500,000 spent

Agent Scott Boras signs scouted player Nail Yakupov, $1,00,000 signing fee


Colorado Avalanche sign Patrick Roy from agent Scott Boras, 5,000,00 fee, 2 year 7 million dollar contract.

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Hmmm, sounds interesting. I've never done any sim-leagues or anything before, but maybe if someone wanted to have an Assistant GM (Myself) so that I could learn the ropes, I'd love to do that!

I'm a chill dude, I don't start drama. :)

PM me if you're interested... I don't bite. :P

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Hmmm, sounds interesting. I've never done any sim-leagues or anything before, but maybe if someone wanted to have an Assistant GM (Myself) so that I could learn the ropes, I'd love to do that!

I'm a chill dude, I don't start drama. :)

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