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Let us get tested for a mental illness

Mr. Anderson

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Treatment History

No treatment noted.

Depression Screening Results

Screening Score: 11 out of 27

It's likely that you have symptoms of depression, but the level of severity appears to be mild or moderate. We've supplied a list of the symptoms you've noted during your screening. Please print this page, and discuss it with your health care provider.

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Well I am glad you are so open with that score. As I am sure a few others have probably gotten around the same score as yourself on this forum, just basing that on how many people suffer from mental illness and how many people are on this forum.

I am sorry to hear about your troubles with psychiatrists and psychologists. You always run into people who shouldn't be working in the profession they are in.

As for taking pills, there are many people who wouldn't be around today without them. There are also many people who can't tolerate them and have become worse off by taking them. So it is really all about listening to yourself and taking into account how you feel and seeing that if they are making you worse, you stop right away.

Your psychologist seems to have been a bloody doorknob. I have no idea how your education has anything to do with the mental illness that you suffer from. They should not be there to judge. They should just be there for you to have someone to talk to.

PM me anytime if you would like to talk further.

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