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Which has the worst walk in parking? Richmond Night Market or Summer Night Market?


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Which has worse parking? I know that the RNM has free parking, but the opening weekend saw traffic delays of getting in up to an hour (or three) and there really isn't any free parking in the area unless you plan on sneaking into the casino to park.

The SNM has free parking way out on Vulcan way, or even past ikea, but you may not realize this, but the walk in from the south side is way, way long. From Vulcan way (if you managed to get parking that close) is a 10-15 minute walk in. The SNM for it's credit has a good traffic flow system to move traffic in from the North or the South, but the RNM just funnels it all into a traffic jam.

The Richmond Night Market traffic is pretty bad. Its a tradeoff of free parking with hours lost to waiting. or paying $20-30 for round trip transit passes to take the canadaline in.

Granted the little kiddies with bus passes will of course go to the Richmond Night Market.



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It's tough to compare the two now.

The RNM is new and interesting with way more food stalls and more space to see stuff. It's way easier for me a motorcycle person to get much closer.

The SNM is a great place to go now since it's much less busy, but it now has a bit of a Chinatown night market kind of feel. Kinda old and dingy. It really needs a good power wash. But the food is a little more varied now, but not as fun or interesting.

Both sell pretty boring stuff. I have to say I like the mix of stuff sold when the PNE comes into town. More junk, but more expensive interesting junk.

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