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[proposal]Alternatives to Pahlsson

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Assuming Pahlsson is not retained, here are a few options:

Sign UFA Dominic Moore: He struggled in SJ, but that was due to a personal situation that he may or may not recover from soon. He was great as TB's defensive center during their 3-round run recently.

Offer-sheet Mikael Backlund: Calgary has come out and said they don't want to be a cap team. While that means Jokinen is gone, who's to say they can match a decent offer for Backlund? While his offensive potential may not be realized in Calgary, he's quietly becoming a fairly effective 2-way center, even as a snot-nosed kid.

Trade for Goc: If Luongo is going to Florida, then the Canucks should make sure Goc is one guy who's coming back. He is a fairly effective and affordable defensive center now. He'll join UFA's Garrison and possibly Samuelsson as guys who could be Canucks (again).

Trade for Nielsen, Dubinsky, J. Staal or Sutter. Doubt if any of them will be made available for what we'll give up though.

Olli Jokinen: Lol. Yes, Olli Jokinen. Unlikely that he'll be affordable, but if we clear cap space, we'll find that this guy's overall game has improved quite a bit recently.

Potential replacements to avoid:

McClement: There's a reason why St. Louis dumped him and then improved dramatically in the standings. There's a reason why Colorado is letting him walk.

Stoll: He'll want too much for what he brings and this run with LA will be his peak.

Moen: Not a center, but we should avoid him at all costs. Not good anymore and banged-up.

Gaustad: Again, there's a reason why Buffalo gave him up and why they improved quite a bit after giving him up. Cheers.


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Helm re-signed

I have been looking into alternatives. Brad Boyes is listed on NHL Numbers as a center, now this is a typo or mistake, as he plays RW, but looking into him, it turns out he took almost as many face-offs as some of the centermen in Buffalo, and maintained 47% in the circle. He is UFA, has seen 40 goals, and 70 points. His last contract was 4M, I wonder if he would be a fill in center, 2/3 line forward, signed for say 2.5M

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