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Van-Tam + FA Signings

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Only a short break at work today, so here goes:

Van - Ryan Malone, Brett Connolly, Tamp 1st (10th Overall)

Tam - R. Luongo, J. Hansen, Van 1st

FA Signings:

P. Gaustad 3.0M

J. Garrison 3.5M

B. Allen 2.0M

C. Schnieder 3.5M

Healthy Lineup:












Cap Hit:  70.2M

Critique (not flame) away!

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So why do you think Tampa says no? I would imagine they would rather spend Malone money on Luongo. The loss of Connolly hurts and they do lose some size with Malone, but Luongo will be good for the next 5-6 years and Hansen can only boost their speed and brings some good PK expertise. I think the only real loss to Tampa is dropping down at the draft, but they are stocked with draft picks so I don't think it would hurt much.

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I feel  generous evaluating Luongos value and saying Luongo and our 1st = Conolly and Malone.  And I don't think Hansen is worth a 10th overall pick.  I also envision Connolly being Stamkos' set-up man once St. Louis retires, they would fit together perfectly.

Plus Yzerman has stated he does not want to trade for a starting goalie, but to be honest if he stays true to that he will be out of luck.

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