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Construction worker captures video of possible tornado in Richmond

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Construction worker captures video of possible tornado in Richmond:

Is it the first recorded tornado on the Lower Mainland in over 50 years?

Some remarkable video of what appears to be a small twister has a lot of people talking.

Tim Marsh says he was part of a construction crew in southeast Richmond when they spotted the tornado. He says it lasted around 10 minutes.

The video posted on YouTube earlier this week shows a long, thin finger of wind stretching from the ground into the sky.

The video shows mostly blue sky, but still pictures show the wind stream coming from a cloud.

Experts are at odds about whether the video is legitimate.

Some saying the weather conditions at the time simply couldn't create a tornado.

But after seeing the video and photos, a UBC professor of earth and ocean sciences says he believes it's real.

According to Wikipedia, the last time a tornado was reported on the Lower Mainland was in Vancouver on July 1, 1962.


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Lol that ain't no tornado, anyone whose seen one in real life will tell u two things....the sky turns an eery green and clouds up high start slowly spinning lots of lightning and shiit too. Second thing is the wind blows do hard for kilometers and kilometers you can barely stand up when close. That is an impressive dust devil, but it is a dust devil nevertheless.

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