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Where would you like to see Raymond after arbitration?

The Magician

Would you like to see Raymond play on the 4th line?  

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I would like to see him play in 3rd line..Raymond is not big body to play in4th line. He perfectly suits for 3rd line so we can finally have something like this

Sedin- Sedin- Burr

Booth - kes - Higgin

Hansen - ??? - Raymay

Lappy - Malhotra - Kassian

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What i understand is that if Raymond does resign it can't be lower than 2.1 million. Also if the Canucks resign him as a RFA, they cannot trade him for the next year. Looks like if the canucks resign him, he will be playing somewhere on the Canucks team. He is another one of those players that are too small to play on the bottom six and is there room for him to play of the top six?

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