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Evander Kane apparently does not want to sign in winnipeg... so...

to Van: rights to Evander Kane, Mark Scheifiele

to Win: Booth, Schroder, Van 1st round pick (2013)

to Van: Luke Schen, 1st round pick (2013)

to Toronto:

Roberto Luongo, Mason Raymond, Van 3rd round pick (2013)

to Van:

2nd round pick (2013)

to NYI:

Ballard, Malhotra

to Van:

Howden, Florida 3rd round pick

to Florida:

Tanev, NYI 2nd round pick

to Van:

rights to Justin schultz

to Ana:

sauve, Forida 3rd round pick (2013)

sign Suter

Sedin Sedin Kane

Burrows Kesler Higgins

Hansen Scheifiele Jensen

Howden Lappy Kassian

Edler Suter

Hamuis Bieksa

Schultz Schen



team gets younger :P

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that is a lot of movement, I do like that you got Burrows off the 1st line, and Booth off the team (and 2nd line)

I still believe Schnieder and Lack is a recipe for a return to the "Goalie Graveyard"

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If Kane's willing to sign here then def. we should trade for him (Buh-bye Booth!) but I don't know if there's enough value in there to get Schiefele as well... Kane alone wouldn't come cheap even though he's said he's wanted out. Mark would be quite the nice piece to add (I'd move Schroeder+ for him) but would a late first be enough to convince Winnipeg to move both of their would-be future cornerstones?

Would tentatively do the Toronto trade.

No to the last couple of trades (2nd for Ballard AND Manny? I'd keep Tanev, plus if Schultz is going to be UFA why give up that much just for his rights?)

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That's rediculous! Every trade favours us..

Take out Scheifiele in the WPG deal

Take out the 3rd rd pick in the FLA deal and add a roster player like Malholtra going their way.

Would you accept these trades if you were a fan of those teams??? I sure as heck wouldn't. Both teams are trading away big parts of their future for unproven players (Schroeder) and Booth 2nd liner who is concussion-prone.

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