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2013 Pagani Huayra

Bob Singh

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The 2013 Pagani Huayra

It's tempting to dismiss the Pagani Huayra as another fringe hypercar -- another exclusive, expensive, pointless toy for the collector who's bored with his Ferraris and wants to tool around to the country club in something his rich buddies don't have. Tempting, that is, until you drive it.

How else could you explain the fact that every one of the Huayra's 1400 titanium bolts has the Pagani logo etched on it (the pre-production bolt set used on the first five cars cost $112,000 -- per car); that Pagani spent nearly $900,000 developing a unique fuel system designed to eliminate the threat of fires in a crash; that the Huayra has a bespoke battery that's 26 pounds lighter than the one used in the Zonda (the old one cost $125, the new one is more than $1800). There are 1001 other examples I could quote, so just take it from me: The Huayra's detailing and workmanship is simply incredible. It makes a Ferrari look frumpy, a Veyron like a Volkswagen.

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Pagani recently announced the Zonda R Evo - a track only edition of the previous Zonda (but taken to the extreme in every extent possible) and I believe it'll be even more exclusive (not to mention faster) than the Huayra. My goodness the things money can buy.....

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