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[Draft Day & Off-Season] VAN-NYR, VAN-TOR

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*Realistic scenario that may occur*

So firstly, do not overvalue Dubinksy because the Rangers simply have to give him up for a likely cap dump to acquire Nash. Just like when MG got Ehrhoff, San Jose was after Heatley and traded Ehrhoff to Vancouver as a cap dump. Don't be surprised if MG pulls something off along the lines of that this year. This leads to trade #1: During day 1 of the draft: NYR and CLB have finally come to an agreement and are both comfortable doing a Nash deal. The outline is there but the trade is delayed as New York has to dump some cap.

To Vancouver:

• B. Dubinsky

To New York:

• M. Raymond

• VAN 2nd or 3rd

The trade is announced before New York selects in the 1st round. Vancouver fans celebrate as they bring in a true playoff player and while Ranger fans are disgusted by the looks of the deal, New York is already starting to fill in the paper work for the Nash deal which is announced 3 days after the draft is done.

Free agency then comes along and Brian Burke sits as nothing has made his team better. He just lost out on the Nash sweep stakes to a conference rival and has to make a splash as he knows his job is on the line if the team fails to deliver a playoff birth this time around. Sitting in agony, Burke decides he has to put his tactics aside for this one deal and pay the price instead of low balling and advertising his players and calls up Mike Gillis. Gillis surprised that a solid offer for Luongo has been made decides to do the much anticipated deal from fans. The trigger has been pulled by both GM's bringing forth a case that the Nash deal has been outdone with this one.

To Vancouver:

• L. Schenn

• C. Franson

• J. Colborne

• TOR 2013 2nd

To Toronto:

• R. Luongo

• K. Ballard

The NHL world has been treated to a deal for the ages as a new era begins in Vancouver, the Schneider era. The decision was made and the Canucks feel that making Cory the #1 starter is the way to go as he costs less, has lots of potential, and is a young rising star. Vancouver fans are both shocked and pleased. Letting go of the franchises best goalie comes to a shock, but then realizing the hope this trade brings to solidify the team in the present and future later is realized and it is made clear that Gillis is wanting to get younger while staying competitive. On the other side of Canada, fans in Toronto are ecstatic! Playoffs never seemed to be so true and the all star goalie is finally obtained, the main piece to their past problems. Luongo jerseys are out on stock the next morning and are selling out fast as a forest fire. ..in one room, Burke is sitting alone in Toronto and thinking about the consequences of the move - will sacrificing youth finally put the Leafs over the top - and in another in Vancouver, Gillis stares at a wall thinking - was the right goalie chosen to lead the team?

Soon after during the early parts of free agency, MG see's the need to replace Ballard especially with an aging Salo and eyes down the BC native Garrison who signs at a very reasonable price.

2012 Canucks roster just 3 days into Free Agency:

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Dubinsky - Kesler - Booth

Higgins - Schroeder - Kassian

Malhotra - Lapierre - Hansen

Colborne, Jensen, Volpatti

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Salo - Schenn

Franson, Tanev, Alberts



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Totonto wont give that many of there young guys for lu and ballard. I mean why would you give up 2 dman that could really have break out years who are still very young and add colborne who is going to be nhl ready.

Lu and ballard,2nd pick for Schenn and Colborne and 2013 1st pick.

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