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[Report] The "Closing your Hand on the Puck" Penalty Extension

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Heard/Read on the 1040 radio/Twitter a few times today that touching the puck during a faceoff will be a penalty starting next season.

Didn't see this anywhere, surprisingly. Maybe I missed it.

EDIT: Here's one:

TEAM Radio@TEAM1040

RT@reporterchris: The NHL has approved a rule change. A penalty will be assessed to anyone using their hand on the faceoff.

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Someone refresh my memory: does Malhotra (or Hank or Kesler for that matter) use his hand to win draws?

I know that Kesler and especially Manny get super low in their stance so that they might accidentally make contact with the puck but, as I remember it, they don't deliberately use their hand to draw the puck back.

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My impression was that it was more for when the player falls on the puck in the circle, and is scrambling to move it away from the opposing faceoff man.

...EDIT: It kind of follows Mike Gillis' proposal of not allowing hand-passes in the defensive zone. #CanuckMentality

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