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Brand new phone will not turn on


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I just got a new phone about one week ago and I charge it overnight. This morning when I woke up it was really hot and the screen is black and it will not turn on. It's an HTC One X.

Does anybody know what happened or what I should do?

EDIT: Cat was chewing on charger cord a few days ago so I wrapped it in electrical tape. Could it be possible that caused the phone to short circuit or something along those lines?

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Let me tell you one thing; daily charging shouldn't affect your phone's performance. I would call the place where you got your phone from, and tell them that it isn't working, and then push for a discount on your next phone's plan, if they can't get your current one to work. If they do get your current one to work, ask for a discount on your next contract.

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hold the power button down for >10 seconds

If that don't work try try holding power + 2 volume keys all together

If that don't work, take the USB connector and plug it into your laptop or pc for 10 mins and see if something happens

If that doesn't work, its naffed !!!

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