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Just in: SamJam99 for Eklund plus picks


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Let's get ready to rumble ... this is the final event of the evening.

Just joking guys and gals.

Should be fun. Anyone else watching on a Friday night? If I know Gillis he will make a half major trade on a secondary basis just to throw everyone off. Laweyrs you know.

The BPA is BS, when you get to the pick you should isolate 5 guys that are around your own scouting and pick the best fit. BFA is how we should go considering scouts are less than 50% and players don't get a chance to develop if they have no where to go, and there are only 3 postions meaning we have a 33% chance of drafting the best player available at the postion we want anyway. I.e. we need stay at home presence, defenders that can step up right away (and play defence .. our top 4 suck at d badly ... really really badly) and inject enthusiam, and wingers that play hard with enthusiasm. We are too comfortable. Get some energy that is not definable. The rest is .... well we'll think about it later.

Come on Gillis, you know an even keel won't win it for you. Too many good guys on this team that are smart and good people. You need some ying for the yang.

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yin . . . but i know you were joking.

he talked about, or maybe it was Gillman, getting some good prospect into the pipeline to sustain the so called window, so as much i wish he would do something that would improve them now, i think he won't. i'm starting to think gillis is kinda gutless. unless he isn't.

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