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This baffles me about the CBA Negotiations


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I don't understand why a negotiation with such massive implications, and massively complicated, only gets alloted two months of negotiation.

I can definately see this thing being dragged out into October due to substance alone and they wait til basically July to start this thing.

Could the NHLPA not have started meeting with players from eliminated teams immediately after the regular season to start discussing problems?

I'll admit i'm no lawyer or expert. It just seems like every time this gets pushed back to the summer which just isn't enough time to make the myriad of offers and counter offers that are inevitable in this situation.

I'll be one pissed off mo fo if ANY of this regular season is missed.

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Donald " I am going to throw away half a hockey season" Fehr could care less if the players miss any games, he is still getting paid. I hope he understands that it doing so Carolina, Columbus, Florida, Nashville, New Jersey, the N.Y. Islanders, Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa -- are having attendance problems and are in deep trouble. This isn't baseball Donny boy and you will hurt the game in the end if it is not a full season.

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