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[Trade] Leafs trade rights to Jonas Gustavsson to Winnipeg


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Guest BuckFoston

Oh-em-gee you guyz, it like totes means that Lu is gonna go there, like hehehe lol, rofl, j/k, no way, for realz?... :rolleyes:

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Pretty decent acquisition by WPG.

If he re-signs he could back-up Pavs or even push for starter. Hopefully he can turn his game around here.

If he signs, I guess that means that Mason likely won't be re-signed :(

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maybe with Reilly in their cupboard they are willing to get rid of Gardiner???

Gardiner = Schultz

Would still want Garrison tho

Hanhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Gardiner - Schultz

Gragnani - Tanev - Connauton - Sauve.

unless if Gardiner + Schultz goes to the AHL, Ballard would have to be moved.

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