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Rating our draft this year



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It wasn't horrible but I, for some reason, wasn't too impressed.

The 2nd round pick was iffy. Seems like a player that we could have gotten later (but I guess Gillis had no choice - he was out of options for rounds 3 and 4).

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I only know enough our first two picks, but even if those were our only two picks of the draft I would be happy. One is eligible to play in Chicago next year and one could be ready in a year. Both are huge, gritty two-way players.

exactly what we are missing and will need when they are ready.

The thing I love about these kinds of players is that they can make the team earlier than players like hodgson/schroeder because they can start on the 4th/3rd line with their grittiness and work their way up if and when they reach their full potential.

From the looks of it all our other picks are going to college anyways, so no point in rating them yet. like 3-4 years.

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The biggest organizational need was defense and Gillis only drafted one defender in the fifth round. Passed on Skjei, Pokka, McCabe, Thrower, and Blujus would probably be good too.

I think Gaunch will be fine, he'll make the NHL eventually, but he'll never live up to fan expectations. I don't understand the Mallet pick at all, he's a fourth line call up at best. The rest of the guys are decent to very good late round picks. I like Hutton a lot, and I think Beattie came in way under-valued by scouts.

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