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(Discussion) Van-Fla or Van-Edm (Both involving Luongo)

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I think these two would have a fair chance of happening:

To Vancouver: Nick Bjugstad + Kris Versteeg's rights

To Florida: Roberto Luongo + Mason Raymond


To Vancouver: Sam Gagner + David Musil

To Edmonton: Roberto Luongo + Marc-Andre Gragnani

Which one would be better for all teams?

EDIT: Wasn't paying attention to what section I was posting in. Please move to proposals.

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Gagner and Musil? Really? Gagner sucks and Musil is a second round pick who hasn't done crap. Are you an Oiler fan suggesting this? That's just terrible. Gagner had a hot streak last year and everyone thinks he's actually worth something. I would cry if that happened. I love Luongo and any team he goes to will become my B team but please, not in the same division.

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