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2 year plan to solidify the backend(proposal)

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we have 15 million in cap space going into july 1st pending a Loungo trade and prior to signing Cory and possibly Salo so my proposal is this... In a dream world.

Offer Suter 6 years 36 million hoping this is a enough to convice him to come to a contender!

To Nashville




To Canucks


With Suter locked up and being a B.C boy we should be able to lock up Weber for about the same amount as Suter

Deja vu Nashville, Weber, Suter and Hammy on our D!!!

now this may handcuff us a little under the Cap but with this D we would really be able to get rid of Lou as a Salary dump cuz our top 4 D would be able to make even Steve Mason look good!

Sedin Sedin Burrows

P.A Parenteau? Kesler Booth

Higgins Lapierre Kassian

Wiese Maholtra Hansen

Weber Suter

Hammy Bieksa

Ballard Tanev



In a dream world we would be able to move Ballard for a stay at home big D man but I don't think their will ever be much of a market for him and his cap so to make this happen we might have to outright him and bury his contract in the minors. I would be willing to pull a Wade Redden on Ballard to achieve this line up.

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