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Opening night and you are the coach, who starts?


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So, if Luongo doesn't get moved and Schneider signs and they are comfortable dominating as a duo then who would you start on opening night?

Might seem like an easy question, and most would say whoever gives you the best chance to win (I don't even know who that is anymore), but it would send a message as to who our starter is for the season, Luongo or Schneids. Does Luongo simply get it because he is Luongo? Or did starting Schneider in the final games against LA prove that he is our guy?

I bet a few 'let's start lack's will be thrown in here but in an attempt to not get flamed for ANOTHER goaltending thread I am just curious to see who most people would start in our season opener against the Flames, and is you answer different for the home opener against the Oilers?

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The controversy will still go on unless we trade one of the goalie. In my opinion Start Luongo Since there is a trade talk going on about luongo then why do we have to increase controversy by starting Schneider. If we start schneider that means luongo will certainly get traded. That is all.

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