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Bored bored bored as a canuck fan

Chris for mascot

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I'm so bored with the Luongo to Toronto rumours, can't we come up with something new. I feel like if it was going to happen it would have happened at the draft, and that schenn should have been the player coming back.

Has anyone else heard any other juicy rumours? can we come up with some realistic ones none of this Webber for Kesler non-sense I keep reading.

Oh and by the way was anyone else not super upset we didnt get griffin reinheart.

Anyways i know alot of topics but i havent been able to start one in awhile so here we are.

Can't wait for the season to start

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Check out the Trades section right now. Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch, the Blue Jackets' beat writer, has just reported that the Canucks may have been negotiating a deal with the Chicago Blackhawks over the weekend. Roberto Luongo is supposedly to have been involved in that exchange.

Here's a link to that thread: /topic/331790-rumour-had-the-canucks-trading-luongo-to-the-hawks-over-the-weekend/page__pid__10729101#entry10729101">Columbus Dispatch: Roberto Luongo to Chicago?

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If you want to keep up on the latest Luongo trade talk, head on over to the pinned Luongo trade discussion thread. It's always being updated:


So far the latest is it was looking like he was heading to Florida, but a source from Toronto tweeted a while ago saying the deal with Toronto is extremely close.


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He hasn't done enough at all to warrant a suspension. This could even be a suitable White Noise thread. Don't get ahead of yourself. He makes a point that the wait for the much-anticipated Roberto Luongo trade has been agonizing and painful.

I would recommend, OP, that you enjoy this video of the Frozen Food Master, Greg Ng, reviewing dog and cat ice cream.

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