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3 way Luongo Deal

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Essentially , Vancouver wants a hockey deal back for Roberto Luongo and their not looking for cap dump / taking on a brutal contract. The team i believe is the most interested in lu is Toronto. Sadly I believe based on what toronto has to offer a deal cannot be made and their are better return possibilities. Anaheim's star winger Bobby Ryan has adressed that hes unhappy their and wants the team to trade him. The ducks management needs to shore up their blueline aswell as ad some much needed depth players up front , this trade tackles all three teams needs.

To Toronto

Roberto Luongo

Conditional VAN 3RD round pick ( if leafs fail to make the playoffs )

Anton Rodin

To Anaheim

Nazem Kadri

Nikolai Kulemin

Chris Tanev

1st Round pick VAN


Bobby Ryan

this trade fulfills all 3 teams needs it gives ANA 2 top six forwards , one who has potential to be a possible replacement for Ryan. They get Chris Tanev; a young up and coming top 4 dman and 1st rounder to boot.

Van gets help up front in Bobby Ryan , it makes us bigger up front and a whole lot more skilled. Imagine Ryan on a line with the sedins . . .

Toronto receives their Franchise Goaltender who still has plenty of great years ahead of him a conditional third and Anton Rodin , a project top 6 guy.

what do you guys think ? I know its a little unrealistic , please no flaming

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Guest BuckFoston

So you know it is unrealistic, yet you propose it anyway, regardless of like a 100 threads on the topic. And then you don't want anyone to flame.


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@ BuckFoston ever heard if u dont got anything nice to say dont say it ? , its called a proposal forum if your really that annoyed by the 100 other proposals stop looking at them . . . oh wait you have nothing better to do

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So your pretty much saying theirs a 100 other luongo trade proposal threads correct ? each and every one of them haven't proposed what i just did. So next time before opening your mouth and flaming for no reason whatsoever think about what your going to say

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I'm with BuckFoston on this (great name by the way...hilarious), Bobby Ryan is a good player, but, Vancouver giving up Luongo, Tanev, Rodin, 1st & 3rd round picks (from what year?)seems unrealistic & 3way trades are non-existent in the NHL.........also this is a forum so there will be positive & negative comments, so accept ALL opinions & don't dump on the negative ones.......free country folks!!!

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