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UBC Political Science/Economics Program


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Hey guys, I'm heading into second year and I just needed some help figuring some stuff out about dual-degree programs at UBC (Poli Sci-Econ to be specific). I guess I'll start off with the most common and obvious questions: are they hard to get into (I'm expecting my average to take a huge hit since I have to take calculus this upcoming year)? How is the workload? It seems that less credits are required, but is that a sufficient reduction?

So, does this dual-degree program stand alone by itself? Is it a special program in the sense that a much smaller amount of students are selected? Has anyone been in, or currently in this program? What is/was it like?

Lastly, anyone know any fun 2nd/3rd year Economic courses that are interesting? I'm looking at the list right now and I want to take all of them, but I only have room for two (the ones that don't focus on statisics and the empirical side that is).

Thanks again guys.

EDIT: While I'm at it, I might as well ask the same questions about the Arts Co-op Program.

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