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Big signing coming up?


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Is it just me or are the Canucks dumping salary to prepare for a trade or signing?

Ryan Parent - $925,000

Aaron Rome - $750,000

Andrew Ebbett - $525,000

Marc Andre Gragnani - $550,000

Mike Duco - $550,000

Victor Oreskovitch - $605,000

$3.9 Million in cap space. Now if they choose to let Salo walk (might be a bad idea) that adds another 2 million. $5.9 million in cap space.

A significant signing/trade or two is coming down the pike. I can feel it. Or maybe it's just gas.

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Only half of that cleared space ($2M of the $3.9M) was on our books for the big club last year. The rest were on the Wolves so that doesn't point to anything particularly, other than they didn't impress enough to be brought back.

They are allowed to go over the cap in the summer by a good chunk (what is it, 10% or something like that?) but have to be cap compliant after training camp. That means that would have room with our roster from last year to sign Parise or Suter and still not be in trouble with the league.

Most teams are aiming for under at this point with uncertainty around how the new CBA will go, but we'd still be able to make moves after the fact if we do make some big signings.

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