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Canucks/blackhawks first meeting


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Besides the goalie concerns, I'm very interested to see how the Canucks respond in their first game againts the Blackhawks. Daniel was put out with a delibrite elbow to the head, and the response at the time was minimal. I mean, DK played the rest of the game and didnt even have to fight. This is not a "get an enforcer" thread, because this response needs to come from the whole team. Sometimes sending a message and standing up for your teammates is more important than two points, especially when you all but have the northwest division and at least 2nd in the conference locked down. I'm also not saying losing Daniel lost the Canucks the series, but lt did not help their chances. That was a chance for the Canucks to light a fire in the dressing room before playoffs and take a stand againts the crap they have taken from the Blackhawks. Toews says he has no respect for them a year ago, Bolland regurgitates Sedin sister comments, and then that head shot? Come on, enough is enough. I hope in their next meeting from the Canucks coaching staff down (thats where it needs to start), there is a response that says were mad and were not going take it anymore.

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