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the thing that I like about this end of the draft pick is that the kid kinda reminds me of McNalley. He was drafted out of the same prep high school system, outperforming everyone on his team, headed to an ivy league school (yale), and relatively unknown. might be a real sleeper pick.

Matt Beattie was the leading scorer in New England with 73 points: 39 goals and 34 assists. His teammate Brian Hart was the second leading scorer in New England with 65 points: 31 goals and 34 assists. Both were named First Team All New England players.

CHP NHL Draft College Prospect #43: Matt Beattie

Posted by admin on 3/28/12 • Categorized as NHL Draft

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Top 60 NHL Draft College Prospects

#43 Matt Beattie

By the numbers:

Forward…6-3 175 pounds…committed to Yale

Hometown: White House Station, NJ Birthdate: 12/14/92

11-12    Exeter Academy		28GM  39G   34A  73PTS 

10-11    NJ Junior Titans(MJHL) 38GM  23G   24A  47PTS   34PIM


NHL Central Scouting Mid-term ranking #129– North American skaters

Tireless worker with skills to match the effort. Will require seasoning, but the size and the attitude can make all the difference.

What they’re saying:

“Matt has been outstanding all year in his post-grad year. He is the leading scorer in New England with 28 goals, 29 assists in 18 games. He’s one of my all-time favorites in 25 years here. Matt loves to practice, play, and enjoy the game with his teammates. He’s a real competitor when the going gets tough. His skating is outstanding, explosive and he has pretty darn good hands as well. He needs to improve speed of his shot and put on some weight, but Matt has flown under the radar. He could be the real deal.”

Exeter Academy coach Dana Barbin to College Hockey Prospective

Beattie links:


CHP Take:

Even in his days in the MJHL, scouts had an eye on Beattie. He has blossomed nicely in his post-graduate year at Exeter to put him in the mix for June’s NHL Draft. Expect continued improvement at Yale, from whence some NHL team will happily wait for his development.


Matt Beattie: CHP Exclusive Profile

Posted by admin on 2/09/12 • Categorized as Profiles

By Bob Miller CHP Managing Editor

When your college choice comes down to deciding between Yale, Harvard and Princeton, you know that you’ve done a lot of the right things to get to that decision point.


Matt Beattie, a 6-3 175 pound forward playing prep hockey for Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, had to make just that decision.

“Other than Yale, I considered Harvard and Princeton,” said Beattie. “I chose Yale because I thought that I was going to challenge myself the most from an athletic standpoint. I loved the coaching staff and, most importantly, it felt like the perfect fit for me from every standpoint.”

Exeter coach Dana Barbin couldn’t be happier to have had a year’s worth of Beattie’s contribution in his lineup.

Said Barbin, “Matt has been outstanding all year in his post-grad year. He is the leading scorer in New England with 28 goals, 29 assists in 18 games. He’s one of my all-time favorites in 25 years here. Matt loves to practice, play, and enjoy the game with his teammates. He’s a real competitor when the going gets tough. His skating is outstanding, explosive and he has pretty darn good hands as well. He needs to improve speed of his shot and put on some weight, but Matt has flown under the radar. He could be the real deal.”

Coming to Exeter from Pingry Upper Scool, Beattie brought with him a pattern of excellence both on the ice and in the classroom. Named the 2011 Skyland Conference Scholar-Athlete in his final year at Pingry, Beattie scored 94 points during the ’10-’11 season. His 40 goals and 54 assists are the most points ever scored in a season in Pingry history.

And, yes, the NHL scouts have noticed. Beattie was recently ranked 129th among North American skaters in the NHL Central Scouting Bureau mid-term rankings.

Beattie took the time to talk with CHP on a myriad of subjects

On what he does well on the ice:

“My strengths as a hockey player are my speed and vision of the ice. I have always been able to see the ice well and I’ve recently gotten a lot faster, which obviously helps in just about every aspect of the game. I never really thought about what pro I play like, but I am a huge Devils fan, so if I would say that I try to play like a Kovalchuk. I like the off wing and I like to carry the puck.”

On what he needs to improve:

“I am working on improving my strength and physical play on the ice. I have no problem driving the net but more strength would help me out a lot.”

On the importance of a good center:

“I got a chance to play with a few of my teammates over the fall, and I think one of the biggest advantages that I have is that I get to play with a center who knows how I like to play. It’s very difficult to score in any league when you’re playing by yourself, but it gets a lot easier when you have someone to play with who knows where you are going to be. Matt Rubinoff and I have had a lot of success because we feed off of each other and we seem to know what the other is going to do before he does it.”

On the influences that have mattered:

“On the ice, my biggest influences have been my coaches and my teammates. My high school coach at Pingry, John Magadini, taught me a lot of very important lessons over my four years. I also learn a lot day in and day out from my teammates. My biggest influence off the ice has been my family. My parents both work full time so that I can enjoy the luxuries of attending great schools like Exeter and Pingry.”

On his year at Exeter:

“My experiences at Exeter have been great so far. It has been a smooth transition into life away from home, and I am getting a fantastic education in the process. Exeter has probably helped me the most from an athletic standpoint. Last year, I was playing in New Jersey and I was relatively unknown. Exeter has given me the chance to get my name out into the hockey world.”

On June’s NHL Draft:

“I haven’t really given the draft much thought. Obviously, it would be cool to get drafted, but it’s not the end of the world if things don’t work out the way I hope they will. I have set myself up for an unbelievable next four years, and what happens after that will depend on how I develop in the near future. I will say that I will be giving the draft a lot more thought when I’m done playing with Exeter. But until then, winning a championship takes a higher priority.”

On setting goals:

“The long-term goal that I have for my hockey career is the same as any other kid. I want to play in the NHL at some point in the future. The short-term goals that I have are to win a New England Championship and win the scoring title.”



Prep Journal: Yale-bound Beattie leads Big Red's title hopes

By Mike Zhe

EXETER, N.H. — Phillips Exeter Academy right wing Brian Hart was getting all kinds of college and NHL interest last winter, during a season that saw him rank third among New England skaters in points as a junior.

Future teammate Matt Beattie? Not so much.

But as Exeter is enjoying its best season, record-wise, since its New England championship team of 1998-99, the 6-foot-3 Beattie, a Yale-bound postgraduate, is leading the team in scoring with 28-29-57 totals entering last weekend.

That’s even more than the Harvard-bound Hart (21-25-46), who was recently tabbed by Central Scouting as the 60th-ranked North American skater in its midterm draft rankings.

“No one knew who he was,” said Exeter coach Dana Barbin (Exeter, N.H.) of Beattie. “Over the summer he started going around to camps and then people started saying, ‘Whoa.’

“He sent me a DVD 15 months ago. I looked at it and said, ‘Oh, yeah.’ He’s been lights out from the first game.”

The Big Red are 16-2-3 after losing their second game of the season at Milton Academy on Saturday, 4-2. Still, it’s the best 21-game beginning to a season the program has seen under Barbin, who’s in his 25th year as coach.

Beattie’s ability has allowed him and Hart (Cumberland, Maine) to spread the wealth over two lines, where they’re surrounded by players like Matt Rubinoff, Alex Carlacci, John Cross and Michael St. Denis (Auburn, Maine).

“It’s been pretty darn good offense when you go through it,” said Barbin. “We probably have the most goals of any team.”

The Big Red haven’t been bad defensively, either, with postgrads Nolan Daley (Exeter, N.H.) and Tim Cooney (Rocky Hill, Conn.) forming an effective tandem in net.

Beattie, a New Jersey native, will head to Yale next fall, a decision he said came about after two visits to the school over the summer.

“I went up to New Haven earlier in the summer and really liked it,” he said. “Then all the college options started piling on me within like 24 hours. I decided to take another trip to New Haven; I got to meet Coach (Keith) Allain and it felt right. I thought that would be the place where I could challenge myself the most.”

At Yale, he’ll be reunited with fellow Garden Staters like Matt Killian and Kenny Agostino.

“Grew up playing against them,” said Beattie. “Their (club) team used to smoke my team just about every year.”

But first there’s this season to wrap up. There are seven games left in the regular season, starting with Wednesday’s tilt against Proctor, and then the New England tournament, which the Big Red haven’t been to since finishing as the runner-up to Salisbury School and current Harvard star Danny Biega in 2008-09.

“I think (winning a title) would mean a lot to our team, a lot to our school and a lot to each of our players,” said Beattie. “We’ve all played a bunch of hockey in our pasts and we’ve all done our own things; we’ve come together in a way that’s pretty special.”

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Interesting that we picked a lot of overagers this year... hopefully it pays off.

Yeah, I think that it had a lot to do with them being further along developmentally and that theyre the kind of guys that we want later on. Also that they're going to college and will be NHL ready when our core is needing a rebuild.

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Surprised no one has started one yet, couldn't find it on search.


This one video reminds me of the Nash video he used to get into college. Not sure if anyone has read the book about Nash, but in it the guy who recruited Nash said he walked into the staff room while the scouts were watching the video and laughing at this guy making defenders fall over. Said yu could tell the quality of oponent was not very good, but the player has potenial.

Anyway think there is a ton of potential there hopefully for all it pays off.

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When Canucks 2012 draftee Matt Beattie attended Vancouver’s prospects development camp last week, it was his first time in Vancouver.


It goes without saying he found it a bit different than his hometown of Morristown, New Jersey.

Beattie is very intelligent, Ivy-League intelligent to be exact. His favorite movie was released before he was born, and if he wasn’t a hockey player, he may be starring in the sequel.

There’s a lot more to forward Matt Beattie than meets the eye, as you’ll find out.

1 – It’s pronounced ‘bai-dee,’ not ‘bee-tee,’ and ‘Matt’ is fine with him, although ‘Matthew’ would be fine with him as well.

When Beattie (bai-dee) arrived for development camp in Vancouver, there were quite a few people pronouncing his last name wrong, but like any teenager lucky enough to attend an NHL camp, he didn’t correct a soul. He would have gone by ‘hey you’ as long as he got the shot to put his skills on display.

2 – He was born in Morristown, New Jersey; his hometown is Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. He is 6-foot-4, 185-pounds and plays center/right wing.

3 – During his first trip to Vancouver he was surrounded by dissimilarities from his homeland.

“The West Coast is a lot different then the East Coast,” said Beattie (bai-dee). “The mountains, the green grass in the city, there is not really any green grass in the city on the East Coast.”

4 – He is smart and likes a challenge.

When you look at the seventh-round pick’s statistics from last season (74 points in 28 games) while playing for Phillips Exeter Academy, you may think he needs to find a bigger challenge for himself; well that’s just what he has set out to do next season, joining fellow Canucks prospect Patrick McNally(Harvard) in the Ivy-League, enrolling at Yale University.

“I thought Yale was going to be the best place for me to challenge myself athletically and academically,” he said. “I walked around and saw the campus and loved it. I feel I will be able to get a lot better with the coaching staff they have in place.”

5 – He tries to play a similar style to New Jersey Devils sniper Ilya Kovalchuk, skating down the off-wing, and taking the puck wide and to the net.

6 – As most hockey players do, he likes to hit the links for a round of golf when he has free time.

7 – He enjoys watching movies.

“My Cousin Vinny is probably my favorite movie,” he said. “Into the Wild is a good one to, I like a lot of old movies.”

8 – He is such a movie guy that if he wasn’t a hockey player, he believes he would be an actor.

9 – His sister Hanna is also a hockey player. She’s a defenseman who may or may not join her big brother at Yale in a few years.

10 – Even though he is from New Jersey, he isn’t the biggest fan of the reality show Jersey Shore, but he did admit he does occasionally watch it.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Matt Beattie (bai-dee) in a nutshell. Because you’ve been such a good audience, he’s a bonus tidbit about the first-team All-New England prep school player.

“What’s one thing Canucks fans don’t know about me?” he laughed. “Hmm, besides not knowing how to pronounce my last name? That I have two dogs at home, I am a huge dog guy.”


Looking forward to seeing him develop. I got a feeling he's gonna be a sleeper pick.

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I wonder if the kid can keep up the skating ability while putting on 30-40 pounds. He seems like he'll make a good sleeper pick, because he has some offensive skill, a nice frame to grow into and the right mindset, but he'll be a long-term project. Solid 7th round pick.

It's a bit hard to judge but by the way he bowls people over, even the ones lining him up for a hit, you have to figure he is more like 190 in the videos instead of the listed 175 lbs.

He seemed to get faster as the video went on as well, I am seeing big things for this kid...

It will be interesting to see what he weighs when he checks in to college camp.

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