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[Rumour] Doan's Top 2 Choices Are Vancouver & Montréal

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Alright now, before Tony Kornheiser goes on about how he is not a real insider, I believe this guy is, because insiders ARE NOT suppose to reveal their sources (that's rule of thumb) and I went through some of his history (a lot of scrolling) and he was on par and right a fair percentage of time with his tweets.

Hockeyy Insiderr@HockeyyInsiderr

At this point Doan's top 2 choices where he'd like to play are Vancouver and Montreal. Will look to see if #Canucks or #Habs have interest.

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If Doan wants a cup, why would he ever want to go to Montreal right now? Rumour makes no sense.

Is it a coincidence that he chooses the biggest hockey market in the east, and the best large hockey market in the west.

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Don’t kid yourself...

Phoenix is his #1 choice

The issue is the Goldstein or berg or goldwhatever institute

The Yotes will only work with a huge concession that hits Phoenix taxpayers where it counts... The Gold whatevers won't let it happen

Shane knows this and he can't see it being resolved anytime soon. As he stated in the playoffs, when in his opinion the Yotes were ripped off by poor reffing, without an owner going to bat for the players the team can't move forward.

Shane has done this part for the team, towed the company line and kept positive.

But time has run out and all but Bettman know it, Shane is fed up. New Owner or I'm outta here is his loud and very clear cry!

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For all you people who belief he is all Foey (which is understandable).

He does have some credentials:

- He Hinted at the JVR/Schenn trade before the draft

- Reported that Kruger was the front runner for EDM coaching job a day before anyone else did

- Reported that VAN are front runner's for the Schultz sweepstakes before any of the legit sources did (McKenzie, Dreger, LeBrun exc, some of those may not have even reported it yet)

There's probably more I just don't feel like going on Twitter right now and looking through his timeline.

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