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[Proposal] Canucks Offseason (Trades & Signings)


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To Florida:

Roberto Luongo

Chris Tanev

Keith Ballard

5th Round Pick (2013)

To Vancouver:

Shawn Matthias

Erik Gudbranson

Jason Garrison (UFA Negotiating Rights)

1st Round Pick (2013)

- Tallon hesitates to trade away highly touted prospects like Gudbranson, but perhaps including Tanev can help him let him go



Mason Raymond 1-year deal worth 2.21 million (Through Arbitration Hearing)

Byron Bitz 2-year deal worth 1.4 million (700k cap hit)

Steve Pinizzotto 1-year deal worth 600K

Dale Weise 2-year deal worth 1.3 million (650K cap hit)

Jason Garrison 3-year deal worth 9 million (3 million cap hit)

Sami Salo 1-year deal worth 1.5 million

Corey Schneider 4-year deal worth 15 million (3.75 million cap hit)

Eddie lack 2-year deal worth 1.8 million (900K cap hit)


Free-Agent Signings:

One of:

PA Parenteau 4-year deal worth 16 million (4 million cap hit)

Brad Boyes 1-year deal 3 million


Justin Shultz 3-year deal worth 3.75 million (1.25 million cap hit)

- I'm sure there will be more depth/minor signings but these would be the most significant ones.


Vancouver Canucks Line-Up:





Extras/Scratches: Raymond, Volpatti (Weise and Bitz in minors)




Extras/Scratches: Salo, Alberts



- Raymond in and out depending on match-ups. Salo playing around 50 games switching in and out with Gudbranson or/and Shultz

- Based on these players mentioned in the potential line-up, we would have approximately 5.7 million in cap space which turns into 6+ in cap space with the final 23-man roster

- Not too sure if this is realistic but just wanted more of an opinion on the line-up

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Can you breakdown the value in that Florida trade please?

Cause ya it would be nice to get Gudbranson but if we have to overpay to do it I would rather trade Luongo for a roster player we could use now or something so we keep the rest of those assets.

And I would rather make a big pitch for Doan than Parenteau or Boyes.

Now for some of my other observations:

- that 4th line won't be good enough, we need to get new wingers, the 4th has pretty much been a non factor in the last 2 years and it's that type of personell, I would just keep Lappy, then get 2 completely new wingers.

- I don't know alot about Mattias but are you sure you want to go back to having a Grinding/Checking 3rd line? I would rather get a different player and have more of a two-way line that can bring everything, Physicallity, Speed, Offense, reliable two-way play.

- I wouldn't keep Raymond, just trade him, he would probably want a trade after a year or so anyways since he is just being used as a substitution when he is more than that. Just trade him now and get something, maybe Bundle him with Ballard, we will get more in return.

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