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Woman plans $200,000 wedding for her dog

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Pet Wedding: Woman Plans Insanely Expensive Dog Nuptials:

Incorporating your dog into your wedding is one thing, but orchestrating a Big Day for your dog is quite another.

But that’s exactly what animal rescue advocate Wendy Diamond is doing for her recently adopted Coton de Tulear, Baby Hope. Diamond is planning the estimated $200,000 nuptials down to the last lavish detail -- including a designer gown from Kleinfeld -- in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Wedding for Animals on July 12 in New York City. (The current record is $32,000, according to the New York Observer.)

There is, however, one crucial aspect of the wedding that Diamond still needs: a “groom.” She’s asking interested dog-owners to submit prospective canines for consideration via

Facebook. (A winner will be chosen on July 2.)

While the idea of a pet wedding (not to mention a dog saying “yes” to the dress) might seem a bit absurd, Diamond’s event more than a ploy for the Guinness title -- in fact, all of the goods and services for the nuptials have been donated by vendors and others.

Since 1999, Diamond has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal welfare and she expects Baby Hope's wedding to generate $50,000 through donations and the cost of tickets to the event. The proceeds will benefit The Humane Society, as well as canine cancer, a cause that's close to Diamond's heart. Her beloved dog, Lucky, the icon of her philanthropic work and, most notably, the only civilian dog to be admitted into the United Nations, passed away from the disease on June 6.


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What a nutter. And she's selling tickets? I would like to think people wouldn't be stupid enough to waste money for tickets to a pet wedding, but sadly I would be wrong. Oh well, it's their money I guess.

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I don't mind it at all, it's her money......some poeple get off buying expensive cars,paintings ect and this is what she wants to do.

Afterall she will be raising money in the process for animal welfare, although it seems odd that the wedding will cost more than the amount of money she figures to make through donations.

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