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[photo request] kesler/bieksa picture needed for wedding invite

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Long time forum reader, first time posting, hopefully I am making this request correctly. Been a fan since 1992, getting married to a newer fan, my future husband who I infected with the love for the Canucks a few years back. Got engaged at a Canucks game down in Denver just this past March, wearing our Bieksa and Kesler jerseys.

Anyway! Back to my request, we're doing a Canucks styled wedding invite complete with mock ticket and we'd love a higher quality photo (so it prints out well once we send the invites to the printing company) of Bieksa and Kesler. We've spent hours searching for something that isn't super low resolution (and thus grainy or pixelated) or where one of the guys is obscured in the photo.

I know it sounds super odd (trust me, our friends are very confused why we'd put this on part of our wedding invite), but we think it's a funny idea and one we want to fly with, so I'd love some help if anyone has a higher res photo of the 2 players for our mock ticket.

Thanks so much!!


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