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Dan Cloutier, new assistant goalkeeper coach?

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Okay, Cloutier was no Patrick Roy or anything but comments like these make me wonder how many CDCers even watched the 2002 Playoffs. It was a s**t goal and he was 100% to blame for the goal and went on to not very well at all in the rest of the games. But people act like that goal lost the series for us. It didn't. But the team just gave up playing.

ON TOPIC: Would love to see Dan back as a goalie coach. Maybe he can teach the boys how to fight. Just jokes!

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If you watch the interview video of Joe Cannata, they mention Dan Cloutier giving advice to the younger goalies.

Do you guys think he got a job with canucks or is this just for the prospect camp? The experience is there but we all remember all those goals from the blue line.

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So let me get this straight:


Canucks acquire Luongo

Canucks ship Cloutier to the Kings


Kings tank, draft Drew Doughty 2nd overall

Fast forward to 2012

Doughty helps Kings capture first Stanley Cup

Luongo is becomes trade-bait

Cloutier once again becomes involved with Canucks

.......oh how the tables turn

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