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TSN Pumping Wellwood's Tires. Do Canucks Sign Him as "Stop Gap"?

Pasific Coluseum

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Watching the TSN Free Agency Frenzy online. Crawford & Ferraro both seem to have good things to say about Kyle Wellwood. Say Jets should definitely re-sign him as an under the radar low risk- high reward type of player.

Thing is with Vancouver he could be the ultimate sleeper FA signing if we can get him for around 1-1.5 mill 1 year deal. Use him until Kesler returns and then drop him to the 4 line. He's also wicked on shoot outs and seems to be a fan favorite.

Not sure AV would be thrilled about him returning but it is an idea if worst comes to worst.

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I think i am pretty much the last Wellwood supporter on CDC.

He is an ace face off guy. A bit lazy as far as being a shooter, but quite the sublime, and underrated playmaker.

He really would be an excellent stop-gap fix to strengthen the middle.

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