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TSN Pumping Wellwood's Tires. Do Canucks Sign Him as "Stop Gap"?

Pasific Coluseum

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Did Trevor Linden tell you that one?

Anyway, Wellwood's a good player who was consistently used incorrectly on the Canucks. He had a 47-point season this year, with a +3 rating. He's extremely smart, doesn't make mistakes, doesn't take dumb penalties, etc. But because he's not 6'2", 220, and ripped, he's somehow thought-of as a joke in this league.

I actually hope that he goes home, to the Detroit Red Wings, if Winnipeg is foolish enough to not want him back, after what he gave them this year. They'd use him properly. A nice, lower-cost offset to losing Hudler.

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I think i am pretty much the last Wellwood supporter on CDC.

He is an ace face off guy. A bit lazy as far as being a shooter, but quite the sublime, and underrated playmaker.

He really would be an excellent stop-gap fix to strengthen the middle.

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