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(REPORT) Zach Parise to announce decision tomorrow

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The Sedins are a steal, any other point-per-game or Art Ross/Hart winner would be raking in 8+ million, and we somehow get the 2 most consistent guys for 6.1 million.

That's the definition of a "home-town discount" but more importantly loyalty and dedication to a winning team. If Parise has these qualities he'll resign for around 5 million with New Jersey anyway.

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82 GP : 45 G , 49 A = 94 P

no stamkos but still a very talented winger

Plus people need to understand as hard as it is, that life is not always made of maths , I mean It is not because there are people more talented and more efficient that he is getting paid less, because the whole process of free agency changes that completely !

It is a race between organizations that want to add the best player available this year to their roster, in that case it is Parisé so yeah some players are better than him but they are not free agents so take it as it is, he will be overpaid because of the pinciple of Offer / Demand :

low offer + very high demand = high prices

So as long as people will try to think the other way and compare Zach Parisé to some players that are not Free agents , it's a dead discussion and you people will never be able to agree with each other lol

It's just like you guys go to attend auctions and complain about the prices going high , don't you think you'd sound ridiculous ? the Commissioner would probably tell you :

" These are auctions, if you don't like the principle of it , just don't come here instead of wasting our time "

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Hearing a lot of talk of both Suter and Parise ditching all the big markets and attention and instead joining the Wild.

Seems nuts. But the talk is there. Over and over again.

Good news is that a division re-alignment would see them out of our division. Bad news is that they would likely still view us as their main rival.


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