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Moves for July 2nd

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So the Canucks stay relatively pat, losing Salo and Rome but signing Garrison who is essentially a younger, more physical version of Salo.

However, with just under 6 million in cap space and a serious need to sign another depth defenceman and center, here's the sort of guys we should be going for. Forget about Parise and Suter, these guys will be more realistic:

Scott Hanan (earned 1 million last season)

Pavel Kubina (earned 3.8 million last season)

Carlo Colaiacovo (earned 2.1 million last season)

Milan Jurcina (earned 1.6 million last season)

Preferentially we sign Kubina at 3.5 million, or Colaiacovo for 2.5 million and here's our new, Cup-worthy defence:

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Ballard - Kubina

As for centers, we have the option of:

Jason Arnott (made 2.8 million last season)

Gilbert Brule (made 1.8 million last season)

Erik Christiensen (made just under 1 million last season)

Jochen Hecht (made 3.5 million last season)

Any of these guys would be a perfect rental 3rd or 2nd line center for us, especially Brule and Arnott who would come cheaper than last year.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Lapierre - Higgins

Raymond - Arnott - Hansen

Kassian - Malhotra - Bitz/Weise

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Ballard - Kubina

That will just fit under the cap and have us ready to go.

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Our top priority at this point should be Shea Weber. If he's not going to sign long-term in Nashville this summer, he will likely be available. We need to figure out whether he's available. If he is, we need to explore all options towards acquiring him. Sign him to an offer sheet. Trade for him. Whatever. WIth the addition of Garrison, Edler can be dangled.

If Weber is not available, our defense is solid as it is. Apparently Garrison plays the right side. He therefore amounts to a substantial upgrade on Salo. Expect him to play with Edler, and for Ballard-Tanev to play together as the bottom pair.

After Weber, our offense is the #1 priority. As has widely been stated, a 3rd line centre and a top-6 winger, in that order, are our top needs. Gillis would do well to pick through the remaining FAs for solutions. After that, all trade options will have to be considered. And of course we have Luongo to bring us back what we need - in a 3-way trade, if necessary.

Also, if Weber can be acquired via offer sheet, we then have both Luongo AND Edler to dangle to address remaining needs. Edler could return what we need on offense. He would return a lot. Remember when Alex Goligoski got the Penguins both James Neal AND Matt Niskanen? And Edler >>> Goligoski. Then Luongo can be traded for picks, to help replace what was lost in the Weber poaching.

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Sedins - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Doan

Higgins - Jokinen - Hansen

Lapierre - Manny - Kassian


Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Ballard - Tanev




NEXT year, trade Ballard for something, Manny is released and we sign Weber.

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