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k, so since the canucks just signed Garrison, i think its time to show my prospal:

My Custom Lineup


Daniel Sedin ($6.100m) / Henrik Sedin ($6.100m) / Alexandre Burrows ($2.000m)

David Booth ($4.250m) / Ryan Kesler ($5.000m) / Alexander Semin ($5.400m)

Kris Versteeg ($3.500m) / Manny Malhotra ($2.500m) / Zack Kassian ($0.870m)

Chris Higgins ($1.900m) / Maxim Lapierre ($1.000m) / Jannik Hansen ($1.350m)


Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Alexander Edler ($3.250m)

Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m) / Jason Garrison ($4.600m)

Keith Ballard ($4.200m) / Dmitry Kulikov ($3.500m)


Cory Schneider ($4.000m)

Eddie Lack ($0.960m)


CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)

(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)

SALARY CAP: $70,200,000; CAP PAYROLL: $69,580,000; BONUSES: $0

CAP SPACE (20-man roster): $620,000

we can move the players where ever they fit.

Trades and Signings!-----------------------------------------------------------------

-Trade Luongo+ Raymond+pick for Versteeg rights + Kulikov rights

-Sign Kulikov and Versteeg

-Sign Semin-I know most of your think that he has no heart and he plays when he wants to but this IS gonna happen when you play with ovechkin and backstron (who apparently gave him cancer).

Hes go skills and abilities to score.

3 Years 5.4M

Kulikov- 3 years- 3.5m

Versteeg- 4 Years- 3.5m

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Guest BuckFoston

It's time to show your proposal? Is there like an unveiling ceremony? Does anyone get to cut a ribbon with giant toy scissors?

Instead of showing this to us, you should show it to Gillis. He would be delighted.

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All we need right now is 1 depth defenceman and a 2nd or 3rd line depth center, not much else.

Mueller would be great, sign him for 3 million, leaving us 3 million in cap space to sign maybe Colaiacovo or Vandemeer, Kubina would be perfect though. They fill in during the season, but going into the playoffs (hopefully healthy) we have this monster lineup -

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Higgins

Raymond - Mueller - Hansen

Lapierre - Malhotra - Kassian


Edler - Garrison (22 minutes each)

Hamhuis - Bieksa (22 minutes each)

Ballard - Kubina (16 minutes each)




If Kubina doesn't want to sign for 3 million, give that money to Vandemeer or Colaiacovo, it really doesn't matter. Defensive depth wins championships and all of those 3 D-men are big, physical hitters who would complement Ballard's speed nicely. Up front we now have plenty of potential top-6 forwards slotted into the 3rd line who can step up in case of injuries etc.

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Semin is a cancer on any team he plays on,

even TSN (forget who) says that he is a "coach killer". Mike Gillis wouldn't sign someone, time and time again he explains how he wants players with leadership and charactar, Semin is neither of those things, he's just a kid that you have to take care of.

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Not sure why you had to create a second thread on this same proposal an hour after this one, but you cannot field a 20 man roster with only $620K in cap space and hope to survive. Add in at least two more players for depth and you're over, not to mention what could happen if there any adjustments to the cap with the new CBA.

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