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Salo and Rome...


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I'm still mad at Gillis for not resigning Salo, very upset actually, pretty much as upset as I was when they didn't resign Willie Mitchell and to this day am still mad Mitchell didn't sign with us. As you can see I will not be happy about not resigning Salo for a long time as I am still not happy with Gillis for not signing Mitchell.

I will not support Gillis unless he makes a bold move to get a top Defenseman and I sure as hell hope for him not signing Salo has opened the door to get Weber. Getting Weber would make a lot of sense for not signing Salo, but at this point it's the only player I will be happy about coming here and then support Gillis for his decision for not signing Salo. If Gillis doesn't get Weber or at least a top 2 D then I will not support this guy anymore. I used to like Gillis, when he first became the GM I was excited. I thought with his past experience with being a players agent he would know how to get good players to play here for a reasonable amount, and know what the players need to hear to be brought to a franchise like Vancouver. But the last couple years I have really started questioning his moves and signings and contract years. I'm starting to think he really isn't as good as I was hoping for him to be and it may be a good move for him to go back to being an agent, and help his players get ridiculous amounts of money and tons of years since he's so good at doing this.

Like this Garrison signing, 6 years? Like wtf this guy really had 1 break out year last year, and that's because the whole team of Florida had a break out year. For years and years Florida has been crap never making the playoffs and Garrison has been part of that team for at least 4 years, besides last year he has done nothing, so why the long contract and how the hell does this guy now become tied with Bieksa as our highest paid D? Last time I checked players like Hamhuis Bieksa and Edler are core players and Garrison is not, so what makes him so special to be our highest paid D now? When all he has had was 1 break out year and that break out year was only 33 points, hell Ballard had 34 points in Florida his first year and that team didn't even make the playoffs, how does this guy make more than Ballard? I don't' know about you anymore Gillis, I sure don't feel the same about you when you first became the GM.

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I'm curious about this "Love In" everyone all of a sudden has with Rome... what happened to everyone complaining about AV giving him ice time over others and all the other crappy comments about him??... I'm glad he's got a good contract and I'm sure he'll be happy in Dallas... but come on, get over it already.... Almost everyone couldn't stand him, now all these people are sad to see him go... Canucks fans are a weird bunch.



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