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Rights to Ryan Suter...and Weber follow-up

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So I was waiting and waiting to see if Nashville would be able to get anything back for Ryan Suter in terms of trading his rights. There was a lot of talk of him fetching a first rounder or at the very least a second rounder. Is anyone else surprised that Nashville let him walk for free? I guess there wasn't a lot of interest in going for someone who may or may not sign with them, even if they are the top free agent signing in the last couple years. Perhaps teams have smartened up and are not offering as much for rights after the whole Hamhuis fiasco. If this is the case, don't expect Weber to stay in Nashville for the whole year. I say he gets traded before the trading deadline of next year. Nashville can ill afford to lose both for absolutely nothing.

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There was no fiasco with Hamhuis, every team knows it's a risk they take to get advance negotiating rights. It happened with Ehrhoff too and has with many other pending UFAs.

Nashville knew this year was their best chance so far at doing well in the postseason so that can be worth more than the return Suter may have gotten them at the deadline. I'm sure they didn't shut their phones off but clearly were never offered a deal that blew them away.

They might liked to get something extra for his rights before July 1, but teams would have a hard time justifying a decent pick (as opposed to a 4th like Ehrhoff got us) for a player they couldn't guarantee would sign with them.

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