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[Proposal] Cody Franson

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I know a lot of ppl on CDc feel we dont need a RH Dman because Garrison will play top 4 minutes but I think adding another RH is vital for the teams success next season. I also think a 3C, 4RW and 2RW are also vital. I also know acquire Franson is not original because its been mentioned before.

Franson came out yesterday saying that he doesnt want to re-sign with Toronto if he's gonna get the short end of the stick like he did last year. He kept getting benched for no reason despite playing better than some of TOR's dmen when he was in the lineup.

Right now I feel Franson could be had on the cheap


Yann Sauve + 2013 3rd pick


Cody Franson

Some fans may feel givin Sauve up for Franson's rights is a bit ridiculous but given the state of our blueline at the NHL-level it's very unlikely we see Sauve make the team in the next few years because Hamhuis, Edler and Garrison are all locked up long-term.

By acquiring Franson, we have 3 NHL LH dmen and 3 NHL RH dmen and our D set up in all situations could be as follows:





1st PP:


2nd PP:

Combo of Bieksa/Hamhuis/Franson

1st PK:


2nd PK:


Other 5v5 pairings:











As you can see the minutes are handed our quite evenly to everyone except Tanev.

This type of top 6 creates lots of flexibility in the lineup and allows a 7/8th defender to be plugged in to the third pairing should there be any injuries to the top 6. Also it can no longer be seen as 1-2-3 d pairing, it becomes more of a 2a-2b-2c d pairing. This d core also allows for any struggling D to be moved down the lineup and others moved up with very little drop off in d pairing talent.

Edit: remember that Burke Was only going to give up a 2nd rd pick if Tor signed Schultz during the draft. Schultz is believed to have better upside and is also NHl ready. If Burke was willing to give up a 2nd, Yann Sauve for Franson's rights should be more than enough. Even so, Ive added a 2013 3rd rd pick to the deal.

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I like to get Franson. He's big, good skater, and boatloads of potential. If he was still with Nashville, I'm pretty sure he'd be top 4 D by now. Instead he got shipped off to TO where players careers go to die.

But...thanks to that...he could be had for cheap. Since Burkie has traded Schenn and has maybe lost confidence in Franson, maybe he'd be wanting a veteran D with offensive capabilites.

Ballard for Franson and 2nd 2013??

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Like I said in my op, Franson is a proven NHLer who just said he wont sign in Toronto unless he's giving a fair opportunity. He's value in a trade for Toronto has dropped because of that and that he is an RFA with no contract and has said he pretty much wont sign. Sauve has the tools to be a 5/6 defensive defenseman, something Toronto doesnt have now that Schenn is gone and he could be utilized in the same role as Franson but he likely won't complain and has 1 yr left on his ELC. He's currently the 8th defenseman in our depth chart, pretty much where Franson sits on Torontos depth chart most nights.

Sauve+3rd for Franson work better for you?

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I always wanted franson on our team, he might not be the stud he was with the giants, but hes from BC and i think we need some more hometown/home province players. The west always seems to produce lots of good D-men and he has offensive upside, he could turn out to be great. I am all for acquiring him

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