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Gillis 2012-2013 Shocker Trade

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Last year it was dealing Cody Hodgson. This year I believe it will be Alex Edler. Why you say?

Compare him to Loungo's situation. Both to some extent are under achievers on this team. That is NOT saying they are not good, and that they haven't accomplished significant things but only admitting that both players aren't having as much as of impact when it counts the most (in the playoffs). To some extent then, bringing in new personnel makes sense.

Edler is an UFA after 2012-2013. MG cannot let what happened with R Suter or Parise happen with Edler. Edler is is due for a significant raise, and this might lead to some hard bargaining between management and Edler. This can't be a distraction during the year, but to put off contract extension talks till the end of year means that if Edler had to be moved, his value declines considerably. MG could move Edler at the trade deadline if need be.

My guess is MG and co already have an idea of what Edler will sign at (something closer to 6 million per year). That puts them between a rock and a hard place without much time. They'll have some preliminary extension talks this summer and if it ends up that Edler requires a significant raise (which he obviously does), then he will be dealt. I just don't see him justifying a large contract.

A solid right hand D man would fill a glaring need.

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He's a free agent after next year so why would anyone give up anything significant when they know they can take a shot at him through free agency knowing it will only cost them $$$. The cap has gone up every year. If he plays well and up to his potential i think it would be a horrible move trading him.Give him what he deserves if he earns it. Just my two cents

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I think its pretty funny how you guys want to trade Edler... Last year in our cup run you guys were dubbing him the next Lidstrom and now after 1 playoff round you guys want him gone? Typical.

How about we wait for Weber to become a UFA, Keep Edler, then offer Weber huge money.

Trade Ballard then have this as our defense:

Edler - Weber

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Garrison - Tanev

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I think Gillis should soon begin negotiations with Edler's agent. Edler has yet to fully blossom (which is saying something given he was an All-Star last year). If he puts it all together this year his price could go way, way up. Edler could easily play his way into a long-term, $7M+ contract should he hit free agency, and especially if he's the best defenseman on the market next summer.

That said, if negotiations do not go well this summer, Gillis cannot very well trade away arguably his best defenseman. Unless he is packaged in a deal for Weber, the Canucks need Edler in order to satisfy expectations.

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