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[Report] Suter offered 13 year deal by detroit

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Unrestricted free agent defenceman Ryan Suter has reportedly been offered a 13-year, $90 million contract by the Detroit Red Wings.

A report in the Detroit Free Press says that Suter was offered $80 million by the Red Wings on Sunday, and the team has since increased its offer to the 27-year-old blueliner.

The newspaper says that Red Wings general manager Ken Holland met with Suter at the defenceman's home in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Suter is reportedly also being pursued by the Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild, in addition to his former team, the Nashville Predators.

His agent, Neil Sheehy, said this week that Suter is taking some time to consider his options.

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No biggy, only $10 million more... we might just well throw in another $20 million as a signing bonus.... and then anothe $10 million as a bonus for the signing bonus. :picard:

This is absolutely rediculous.... i used to really respect the NHL for keeping slaries low (compared to the MLB, NBA, NFL) but it looks like the NHL is climbing up close to these other league.

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i don't buy the Suter hype.

I know they are just numbers but 37, 39 and 46 points - 55, 64 and 46 hits - +4, +20, +15 - 4 goals, 4 goals, 7 goals...

Those are some unspectacular numbers, particularly beside Weber.

I realize there are significant parts of his game that are not accounted for in these statistics, but without the name Suter attached, those are not 90 to 100 millon dollar numbers.

If they came with the guarantee that Weber was to follow, that would be another question, but if the Canucks signed this guy to that contract, I'd be pretty damn disappointed.

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