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Players circulate around the league all the time. Just because our management has good ties with Florida doesn't mean we're basing our team on Florida - we're just picking their best players from them that suits our team the best.

I'd obviously rather have ties with more teams like San Jose or Detroit, but they're our main compeition whereas Florida aren't.

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It didn't necessarily come across as jesting - not as obvious as perhaps you intended it.

Regarding "poor drafting" and lack of prospects, that too is probably eithera little over-stated, or hopefully a joke.

Although drafting very late, the Canucks have still managed to generate a very solid lineup of prospects...

Jensen Schroeder Rodin

Connauton Tanev


Gaunce is not exactly a disappointig pick either.

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Sound like you've been listening to Botchford and Gallagher.

Let's look at our deals with Florida

Remaining pieces in Vancouver:




Remaining pieces in Florida:


Matthias (via Bertuzzi trade after Bert played 7 games in Florida)

Add Garrison via free agency and the balance is extremely lopsided in favour of Vancouver.

And your comment that these players may yet work out is ironic, particularly where Luongo is concerned, and even more ironic is the fact the Panthers have only two prospects remaiining from those deals.

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As much as MG seems to have a good working relationship with Florida I think he is walking a pretty fine line in his dealings with them as it pertains to Luongo... You can only hold people's attention so long before they get tired of waiting or going back and forth, and turn to a new direction. If you play the Luongo card too long. you can end up with the joker. On one hand, we have to trust in their ability to do whats best for the team. but our division will be much tighter this year(minnesota, for one ) and just maybe, we have not done enough to keep our team at the same level as in the past couple of years.

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