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[Proposal / Discussion] Manny Malhotra (Limited No-Trade Clause)

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Just to clear some things up about Malhotra's contract ~~~

I've seen the argument too many times now about Manny Malhotra's LIMITED NTC. Some people say he can't be traded at all, but its only a limited NTC, so he CAN be traded, but only to teams he will submit a list for.

Whether its 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 teams (most common numbers for a Limited NTC), he has to submit one IF Gillis got a trade offer and Manny is part of the package.

Which teams do you think he would submit if told there was a trade? I think maybe Florida...

So here's where the proposal part steps in.

Florida needs to hit the cap-floor still, and Manny has one more year left on his contract. And he is owed $2.5 million. To help Florida hit the cap-floor, I think a trade revolving around our goalie, our 3rd line center, a prospect and maybe other things, for a top-6 forward, depth forward, a 1st and either a prospect or another depth forward.

Here is my proposal:

To Florida: Luongo, Malhotra (Limited NTC), Raymond (RFA) & Rodin

To Vancouver: Versteeg, Matthias, Howden & FLA 1st

Luongo & Malhotra = Versteeg, Howden & 1st

Raymond & Rodin = Matthias

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It might be a limited NTC, but Gillis has said he'll never ask any of our players with one to waive it. Unless Gills gets blown away with an offer that required Manny in return, he wouldn't even approach Manny about the option.

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If they don't want Malhotra and his cap hit can't they just send him down to the Wolves before the season starts and keep him down there without having any impact on the cap?

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Lovely, but I'd rather keep Manny for 50 or 60 games and see if a full off-season benefits him.

If he struggles before the trade deadline I wouldn't mind seeing him traded. He didn't exactly bloom during the playoffs either. If he's scored around 10 goals, 20-30 points then keep him on as our 3rd or 4th line center.

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