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If Vancouver had beaten L.A in Round One


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I think it's rediculous that 3 games have changed the opinions of everyone in Vancouver.

Before the playoffs started, it was almost general consensus that Schneider's rights would be traded. Luongo was still our starting goaltender at the time, he started in the playoffs and he played brilliantly. Then Schneider starts 3 games, plays well but ends up winning just one game and all of a sudden Vancouver believes that it's Luongo who has to be traded.

Luongo should still be our starter, not Schneider just based on the 3 final games of the season. Everyone saw Schneider's progress throughout the last 2 seasons and it was always assumed that he was the one to be traded, and that Luongo would be our franchise goaltender. This shouldn't change at all, because Luongo has not played badly and Schneider didn't exactly steal us any playoff series.

Nothing should change based on last seasons playoffs. We were ripped by a dominant team, our team played disgustingly and both goalies shined.

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