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All-Purpose Eklund Rumour Thread

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This thread is intended for those of us who would like to discuss Eklund's rumours.

This way there does not need to be a new thread for every rumour he makes up.

Don't bother posting in this thread if you intend on mocking others who report the rumours.

Play nice.

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Friday Morning Rumor Update: Leafs wanting Getzlaf? Semin Deal Today? Nash?

Quick hits....as calls continue..

On Semin..

I am hearing this morning that we could see Alex Semin signed today and it appears to be coming down to two teams. NJ and Detroit. I will stay on top of this. I have had two sources tell me a Semin deal could be signed as early as today or possibly tomorrow...of course things can always change.

On Getzlaf...

As I have been writing, the Leafs are out there looking like they are going to pull of another deal before the Luongo deal played itself out here. Well now I am getting more info, and the rumor is the guy they are targeting is Getzlaf out of Anaheim.

Nash progress?

I talked to a source in Western Canada this morning who told me "While the Nash progress has dragged along, it could all go down quickly because Howson is fully aware of what is out there and at some point here is expected to go for top offer, approach other teams with it, and then move Nash...and all that can happen in a few short hours. Preparations are in place and pointing to such a possibility.

more to come


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I'm ok with having the separate threads as long as people put the [Eklund] tag on it so people know what to expect. He does have some knowledge of goings on but usually tries to make too much out of very preliminary discussions between teams, who often talk back and forth.

At least when there's a grain of truth (rather than the pretty much made up stuff by @HockeyyInsiderr people were trying to say was a real source lately) it does encourage discussion that makes for some interesting points.

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This is a great idea, now I only have to ignore one thread instead of reading carefully through others to see if they are Ecklund or not and then not reading further.

Now someone has to create a Botchford thread that I can fully ignore.

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