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Post records that you know about here and I will put them in the OP!

Possible categories:

Highest +/- (poster)

Highest +/- (post)

Lowest +/- (poster)

Lowest +/- (post [burrows thread I assume])

Longest thread, locked (god thread I assume?)

Longest thread, unlocked

Highest post density (thread), unlimited

Highest post density (thread), first hour

Highest post density (thread), first 24 hours

Highest post density (thread), first week

Highest post density (thread), first month

Highest post density, poster (at least 1000 posts)

Lowest post density, poster (at least 1000 posts)

Most posts, poster

Longest time between registration and first post.

Longest OP (no edits)

Shortest OP (no edits)

Longest thread title (no edits)

If there is anything else that someone can think of (and gets five "votes" [plusses]) I'll add it. Post nominations for the categories and once there is consensus on a winner I will put it in the "Official" section.

Most posts in a thread by one poster (wetcoaster in god thread maybe)

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Most threads started. Can use threads instead of post in the following:

Highest post density, unlimited

Highest post density, first hour

Highest post density, first 24 hours

Highest post density, first week

Highest post density, first month

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Lowest +/- (poster) : clutch

Lowest +/- (post [burrows thread I assume]) : Burrows? Do we really need him? (OP)

Longest thread, locked (god thread I assume?) : God Thread

Longest thread, unlocked : The Great Thread of Absorption +6

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