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Cheesy Joke Thread

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How do you catch a polar bear?

Cut a hole in the ice, place some peas around the hole and when the bear comes up to take a pea you kick him in the ice hole!

We peas are a gentle, non-violent kind. Don't encourage the stereotypes...

Now back to the chemistry jokes! But not really, I only like them periodically...

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I'm a fan of anti-jokes

That's like the latest episode of 'Louie' with Louie CK. It starts with his kids telling him knock knock jokes and his youngest daughter says she has one, but its more like a regular joke.

Daughter: "Who told the Gorilla he couldn't go to the ballet?"

Louie:"Uh, ok. I don't know, who?"

Daughter: "Well... ...the people who are in charge of those decisions. I mean, the people who decide those kinds of things."

I paraphrased, but it made me laugh.

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Argon walks into a bar.

The bartender goes "We don't serve noble gases here. GET OUT"

Argon doesn't react.

Funny pictures thread? :P

Since we're into chemistry jokes,

Proton walks into a bar, and finds Neutron sobbing over a drink.

"Don't be so negative, you two have chemistry!"

"How do you know?"

"Because I'm positive!"

... Right, that's why I'm at home and not out with friends...

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