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[Proposal] Canucks - Islanders

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Alex Edler

Jordan Schroeder

1st rd pick (2013)


Josh Bailey

Kyle Okposo

New york needs defensemen as evident in their selection of all defensive players in the draft this year. They receive a very talented Edler and possibly a future second line center (who will have to battle Strome) to play behind Tavares, as well as 1st rd pick.

Vancouver would greatly improve size, strength and skill in this trade.

without Kesler:

D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Bailey - Okposo

Jensen- Lapierre - Kassian

with Kesler:

D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Okposo

Jensen - Bailey - Kassian

NYI may or may not like to part ways with Bailey and Okposo due to their huge upside but i think they would be fine moving on. In the end this is just a proposal, but if NYI believe they're giving up too much maybe sweeten the deal with tanev.

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I dont think they are giving up too much, but I question if we are?


Okposo < Edler

Bailey = or < Schroeder + 1st

Okposo is a good player, 24 and he's capable of putting up 25 goals and 50 points, but then again so was Raymond, and Okposo has only scored more than 20 once much like Raymond was at 24.

And Bailey was rushed, and I think it will really hurt his top potential now, I could see him as a 2nd line center but I don't see much more than that, his highest point total is 35 and he only score more than 15 goals once.

I want to see more from Schroeder before giving up on him, I still think he could be a very good top 6 forward, he just needs more time to develop, everyone comes at there own pace.

Also next years draft is supposed to be very good, could be like 03 or 08, I want to hold onto that pick.

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There's no way we give up a 1st and Schroeder plus Edler to get Bailey and Okposo. Neither player has even done better than Raymond's career year, and Edler had more points than either last year as a defenceman. One more thing, Edler had more hits than both players combined last season.

There is no way we give up Edler for so little return, let alone adding to our side.

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well it was a first try.

I think bailey and okposo are being a little underrated. Both players are still very young being born in 88/89, having much to learn and much to prove as they were former 7th and 9th overall picks. Yes bailey was rushed but he has very similar stats in the first 3/4 years as kesler did, and his offensive play making skills will stand out soon.

I very much would like to see Schroeder given all the opportunity to make the team, but had Gillis mind set on getting bigger and stronger.

I like to keep an open mind and see a fair trade from both sides. Obviously i would much rather trade something like:

Ballard, Raymond, Tanev for Bailey, Okposo. but Edler has way more trade value, and 1st rd picks do not always result in a quality roster player.

As for NYI trading Tavares i'm sure they would ask for the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Thats fine if you think it is a terrible trade, maybe it is too much for the canucks to give up but just trying to be unbiased.

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People on CDC really overvalue our players in most proposals, so it's surprising how little Canucks fans think Edler is worth because of 5 bad playoff games.

Quite disturbing.

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