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Hip checks NHL 11 compared to NHL 12

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What the hell is up with EA, how come in NHL 11 when u hit the guy, it actually looks like he got hit and its pretty realistic and in NHL 12 when u hit the player he basically just falls in a awkward way flopping up and then falling on the ice. Especially the hip check, doesn't compare to NHL 11 at all. Anyone else notice this?

Also has anyone noticed how in NHL 12 the commentators never say anything good about the Canucks, yet they have so much good to say about every other team. "Vancouver, has really become a part of this Canadian fabric but haven't achieved what the Edmonton Oilers or the Calgary flames have, Vancouver needs to win a stanley cup before they can be at the same level as the oilers and flames". Last time I checked Canucks have been dominating both the coilers and flames for the last 8 years and never talks about them being a cup contender, yet everytime i play San Jose all I hear is "The sharks will be a cup contender for atleast the next 5 years" but sharks arent even considered a contender anymore and whenever its an american team they always have to mention that how big of a hockey city it is and that the fan base is huge there. Sorry last time i checked the fan base in Anaheim,columbus,florida,tampa and many more sucks ass. Whats up with this, maybe to sell more in the united states? I dont know. Just droppin my two cents anyone wanna play?

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For the longest time, EA Sports hired Jim Hughson to provide the series' play-by-play because he was the local announcer. They even asked Don Taylor to provide the color commentary for two consecutive main-series games. The developers at EA Sports do not at all dislike the Canucks; in fact, they are blatant Canucks fans.

Gary Thorne and Bill Clement were once one of the top pairings in NHL broadcasting. They merely read the lines given to them in EA's recording studio. Whatever bias there may be is only being imagined.

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