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[proposal] Van --- Tampa ( a simple one)


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Uh, it's nice to move cap and all, but with Lecavalier declining, he's not worth both Lu and Ballard. That's not even taking into account his contract is worse than Luongo's.

It'd be one thing if he only had a year or maybe two left, but he has 8 years left at that price and he isn't playing at the level where it makes sense. Luongo might have lots of term left too, but he's at least a starting goalie, where it'll soon be debatable if Vinny can keep a 3rd line center role.

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Problem with Vinny is 8 years and the full NMC.

This means he gets 10 million for the next 4 years , and nobody can do anything about it. Cant waive him, put him in the minors. Nothing.

from age 32 to 36 you want to pay Vinny 10 mil bucks with no outs ? Hes already down to being a 20 goal scorer.

Then at age 36, he gets 8.5mil again with the NMC . And then you have to pay him 4 mil when hes 37.

Now for the last 2 years he gets a million and will probably retire at that stage.

There is no cap dump or salary savings at all with the guy. He burnt himself into Tampa with a branding iron. Aint nobody touching that contract.

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